Terms of use

1. General

Inspire ‘ur Dog is an online platform providing dog training media, courses, lectures, seminars and social networking. These General of Use (the “Terms”) apply to your use of the Inspire ‘ur Dog online service (the “Service”) available at www.inspireurdog.eu, whether you subscribe the paid membership or use the Service on a free membership basis.

Your use of the Service constitutes your acceptance of the Terms and the instructions given on the Service and that you are bound by them when you are using the Service. The Member is also obliged to comply with these Terms, applicable laws and good practice when using the Service. If you disagree with any part of these Terms, you must not use the Service.

Inspire ‘ur Dog has a right to change these Terms in its sole discretion by notifying the Member by e-mail or through the Service. The changes to the Terms shall come into force upon notification.


2. Service Provider

The website is provided by Inspire ‘ur Dog Training Ltd. (Business ID: 2712485-5), c/o Mia Skogster, Liselundintie 21, 11120 RIIHIMÄKI (“Inspire ‘ur Dog” or “we”). Contact via e-mail:  support@inspireurdog.com.


3. Definitions

For the purpose of these Terms:

“Content” means all data, articles, photos, videos and other sources of information created for the use of the Service or available in the Service.

“Member” means any individual, company or other legal entity that has registered to the Service.

“Subscription” means any paid subscription to the Service of a registered Member.

4. Service Content and Use

Inspire ‘ur Dog’s Service is an online platform providing dog training media, courses, lectures, seminars and social networking. The Service is subject to prior registration. A Member that has registered with the Service and thereby accepted these Terms, becomes a Free Member and has a right to use the limited version of the Service. A Member that has paid a subscription fee, becomes an Inspired Member and has the right to use the full Service, except for specific features, Contents and services subject to separate fee as informed in the Service. For example online coaching sessions, online training tailor-made for the Member and part of available online lectures are excluded from the Subscription and available for an extra fee. The specifications of the separate services available for purchase are available in the Service.

Members acknowledge and accept that Inspire ‘ur Dog can provide only limited amount of online coaching and there is no guarantee that online coaching is available to all Members. 


5. Provision of the Service

The Service is provided “as is”, with all faults and Inspire ‘ur Dog makes no express or implied representations or warranties of any kind related to the Contents, the Service or its availability. In the event of technical problems with the Service, please contact the support. Inspire ‘ur Dog has no responsibility for the devices, equipment or internet connections used by the Member.

Inspire ‘ur Dog does not guarantee that the Service is available online at all times. In case of temporary interruptions in the availability of the Service, Members are not entitled to compensation or refund of fee.

Inspire ‘ur Dog has a right to discontinue or alter any or all of the features of the Service and to stop maintaining the Service at any time in its sole discretion and without any liability. In case the Service is permanently discontinued, the already paid fees for the time after discontinuation will be reimbursed to Member.

Upon termination of your membership and/or the Subscription, access to any Content available on the Service will be removed by Inspire ‘ur Dog. Inspire ‘ur Dog has no obligation to copy or distribute any Content to the Member or any material provided by the Member.


6. Pricing, Payment, Renewal, Cancellation

The prices for the Service applicable from time to time are available at the Inspire ‘ur Dog website when registering to the Service. Inspire ‘ur Dog has a right to charge the price applicable to a Member according to its price list. Inspire ‘ur Dog has the right to terminate the subscription and/or disable the Member’s account, without any notice thereof, if the fee has not been paid.

Inspire ‘ur Dog may vary the prices at any time. The new price will be applied as from the first invoice to a Member following a change in price list. Inspire ‘ur Dog will inform the price changes through the Service and/or other written communication.

The Subscription fee is an annual fee. The fee is charged in advance for a 12-months period and is non-refundable. By subscribing to the Service as an Inspired Member you agree to pay us the applicable Subscription fee.  The Subscription is renewed automatically, unless terminated by the Member in accordance with these Terms.

By subscribing to any additional services available for separate fee, the Member agrees to pay the applicable service fees.

The Service is purchased and paid through Shopify ecommerce platform. The ecommerce service provider’s terms apply to the payment service. 


7. Term and Termination

Registration with the Service means accepting an on-going Subscription to the Service, which is in force until termination in accordance with the termination terms.

A Member may terminate the Subscription and membership and thereby the agreement regarding the use of the Service, by giving a written notice thereof to Inspire ‘ur Dog no later than fourteen (14) days before the end of the then running 12-months period for which the fee has been paid.  Upon receipt of notice of termination, the Subscription will end and the Member’s access to the Service will cease at the end of the 12-months period during which the notice of termination was given. Unless terminated the Subscription will continue and will be invoiced in according with these Terms.

We reserve the right to discontinue offering the Service or to modify the Service at any time in our sole discretion and without notice.  We may also, for a justified reason and in our sole discretion, terminate or suspend a Member’s access to the Service and/or a Member’s Subscription at any time. Following termination, all such terms that by their nature may survive termination of these Terms shall be deemed to survive such termination.


8. Member’s Rights and Obligations

The Member has the right to use the Service in accordance with these Terms and the instructions given separately in the Service. Inspire ‘ur Dog has the right to deny a Member’s access to the Service if the Member has violated these Terms or the instructions given separately in the Service, or laws or good manners. The Member may access and use the Service only online in the Service and solely for the Member’s own, non-commercial use. It is prohibited to print or otherwise reproduce or store copies of the Content on the Member’s own terminal device or to distribute the Content outside of the Service.

Each Member is responsible for its own internet service and devices used when accessing the Services. Videos are provided through Vimeo software in the Service. Before ordering a service, the Member shall ensure that Vimeo is available for use by the Member in the relevant location.

When purchasing online coaching the Member shall provide Inspire ‘ur Dog the requested video material via a video link accessible to us by the date notified in the order confirmation Inspire ‘ur Dog will provide the analysis within three working days after getting access to the Member’s video material. Coaching services are intended as consultation and inspiration only and are not intended for solving dog behavior problems. 

The Member has no right to modify the Service or the Content of the Service. Member may not share, distribute, transmit, display, publicly or otherwise make available to the public, in whole or in part, the Service or its Content or any portion thereof unless expressly authorised in these Terms.

In the event that the Member has violated the Terms, the instructions given separately in the Service, or laws or good practise, Inspire ‘ur Dog has the right to deny the Member’s access to the Service, remove the Member’s account and to prohibit further use of the Service.

As a Member, you agree and acknowledge that any of your Member credentials, such as usernames and passwords, are for your personal use only and you may not share them with, or allow their use by, any third parties.


9. Member Postings and Prohibited Activities

The Member undertakes not to produce or transmit to the Service any Content that is contrary to law or good practice, inappropriate, infringes the rights of third parties, or advertise unlawfully and without Inspire ‘ur Dog’s prior consent any of the member’s own or  third party’s products or services.

The Members are responsible for the Content that they produce or transmit to the Service or via the Service and grant Inspire ‘ur Dog a license/right to use such material that is made public by the Member in the Service. If necessary, the Member must obtain permission from the rightsholder (such as the photographerand / or the subject of the photo) before submitting Content to the Service. The Member grants Inspire ‘ur Dog the right to use Content generated or uploaded by the Member, without payment, for the purpose for which it was intended. Inspire ‘ur Dog has no right to publish any material provided by the Member for purposes of private dog coaching. 

Inspire ‘ur Dog do not pre-screen the Content produced and transmitted by the Member to the Service and are therefore not responsible for it in any way.e Inspire ‘ur Dog has the right, at any time and without prior notice to you, to remove any Content transmitted by  Member to the Service which Inspire ‘ur Dog deems to be in violation of these Terms, unlawful or is otherwise false, misleading, harmful or harmful to third parties. Inspire ‘ur Dog has the right to modify Content, for example to correct typos. Anyone can contact Inspire ‘ur Dog to request Content transmitted to the Service to be removed. Inspire ‘ur Dog will comply with such justified request.


10. Intellectual Property Rights

These Terms confer only the right to use the Service and they do not convey any rights of ownership in or to the Service. The Service and its Content, such as text, pictures, videos, images, know-how, product information, trademarks, signs and programs are the property of Inspire ‘ur Dog or its partners and they are protected by copyright laws, international copyright treaties and other intellectual property rights.

All intellectual property rights relating to the Service and its Content belong to Inspire ‘ur Dog or its partners. Inspire ‘ur Dog does not grant any direct or indirect rights to any intellectual property rights.


11. Links and Community Plug-Ins

When participating in social networking and chats in the Service, Members may incorporate links in their posts to external sites which are opened at the click of the Member, provided that such link does not adversely affect the Inspire ‘ur Dog or create a false impression of that there is a connection between Inspire ‘ur Dog and the host or the products or services of the linked website.

The Service may contain links to external sites which are owned and hosted by third parties. Inspire ‘ur Dog does not monitor the Content of these linked websites and they are not at Inspire ‘ur Dogs control. Therefore, Inspire ‘ur Dog is not responsible for the linked sites or their Content for any part, including the security of these websites. Links to external sites incorporated to the Service and other external links to the Service do not constitute any relationship between Inspire ‘ur Dog and the linked third party or parties.

Buttons for community plug-ins may appear in some of the Service, but their Content comes directly from that social media service. When a Member visits the Service, the social media service social plugin recognizes that the Member is logged on social media service, in which case it is able to associate the Member’s visit to the Service with a social media service Member account. If the Member is not logged on the social media service, the social media service will not be able to link the Member’s account to the service. Social media services, such as Facebook, may collect information about a visitor’s visit in accordance with their respective privacy policies without Inspire ‘ur Dog’s knowledge. Facebook will not disclose the information it collects to Inspire ‘ur Dog unless expressly consented to by the Member. The Member may refer to the community service terms for each service.


12. Limitations of Liability and Indemnity

The Member accesses and uses the Service and its Content and trains its dog based on the Service in the member’s own discretion and at the Member’s own risk. Inspire ‘ur Dog is not responsible for, and accepts no liability for, any loss or damage to animals, persons or property caused when coaching dogs or otherwise as a result of your acting in reliance on any Content made available in the Service. 

Inspire ‘ur Dog is not responsible for the reliability, accuracy, errors, omissions, inaccuracies or other errors of the Service or its Content and information.

Inspire ‘ur Dog is not liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential or punitive damages resulting from the use or non-use of the Service or its Content or these Terms, unless otherwise provided by applicable mandatory law. Inspire ‘ur Dog’s maximum liability shall in any event be limited to the sum of fees paid to us by the Member.

Inspire ‘ur Dog is not liable for any breach of contract due to a force majeure event.

Each Member agrees to indemnify and hold Inspire ‘ur Dog harmless from any claim made by ay third party due to Member’s breach of these Terms or violation of any law or the rights of a third party.


13. Privacy and Security

Inspire ‘ur Dog collects and processes personal data through the Service as defined in the Privacy Policy. For a detailed description of how we collect and use personal data about our Members, please see our Privacy Policy.


14. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

These Terms are governed by the laws of Finland, excluding its conflict of law provisions.

The Parties shall try to settle any disputes first by negotiation. If the parties fail to agree on the issue, the dispute will be settled in Helsinki District Court, Finland. In addition, the consumer Member has the option to take the dispute to the district court or to the Consumer Disputes Board. In order to bring the matter before the Consumer Dispute Board, the Customer must contact Consumer Advice at www.kkv.fi/consumer-advice.